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Monday, September 20, 2010

Gasoline Monday

I've been interested in starting up a blog for quite awhile now. I've always had trouble collecting my thoughts and I figured this might be a good way to start. This will most likely also serve as a log of events in my present life as my memory is too terrible to pick up what happened last weekend. I guess I'll start off with the URL to this site; Morphine Sunday. Yesterday was going to be my first experience with opiates as well as intravenous drug use but sadly my contact's contact fell through. I guess it's for the best though because the idea of Morphine Sunday is sound. Opiate use becomes quite religious. Now to have my first post circling drug culture wasn't really in my intentions for this blog but considering my age and social grouping, drugs will most defiantly be present throughout many of my writings so we might as well get my base of that out of the way so I don't appear like a junkie at random times later on. Last year I found my way into a small drug culture and wasted a large amount of time smoking grass. Later I was given the right connections and more doors opened but I made sure they closed by late August. They're now open again but I believe I'm a little more intelligent in my decisions around all of that. Now there's a wonderful youth culture proverb that goes something like 'High School is a lot like Pokemon, some need to get stoned to evolve'. I think this is true. Once you've smoked enough of that pointless yet wonderful grass you begin to do one of three things. You accept how useless you have become and continue, you continue smoking but start to work your ass off to ensure you won't become like your useless counterparts, or you step away from grass because you can't meet the distinction to do what you need to do and continue smoking. Others word this as 'maturity'. Giving up doesn't seem very mature to me. I may get back into this later but for now I have to step away due to social obligations.


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