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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sick as hell on the nicest September Saturday ever. Also missing her party tonight but I guess that's a good thing. Relationship limbo is some straight BS, son. Music has been going interestingly lately; the sound I'm creating is different than the usual crap I spit out. I'm thinking about taking a small break from playing to maybe get some inspiration and come back with a boom. My ideas lack focus and completion so they're always in this constant state of fragmentation. A few lines of lyrics, a weird off-time chord progression I don't have use for yet... If I could just organize a bit I'd be exactly where I wanted. It's all good stuff, just in small fragments. I've been thinking about popping up a youtube channel and seeing if that would motivate me a bit. Maybe when I'm feeling better I'll do that. For now I think I'm just gonna go wish the weather would bugger off with all it's pleasantries.



  1. sorry you're sick =( I just got over a cold

  2. hope u feel better now...when the season changes i get sick...coming dow with something myself lately